Official invitation to Christmas Cup 2020 - Ice Hockey Tournament

Приглашения, анонсы, контакты. Набор в сборные команды для участия в коротких турнирах.
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Сообщение Michal » 08 июн 2020, 19:08

Dear hockey family,

On behalf of Avantgard Hockey, I would like to invite you to the international youth ice hockey tournament Christmas Cup 2020. It is one of the largest and highest quality hockey tournaments of its kind, and every year teams from all over the world - Europe, Russia, Canada, USA, and even The United Arab Emirates already have their regular representatives in the tournament, which is a unique opportunity for all teams and players to play real-world hockey and compare their strengths not only in skill disciplines with opponents which they do not normally meet.

The tournament is opened for following categories:
U 19 2002 & younger 21/12 – 23/12
U 17 2004 & younger 21/12 – 23/12
U 15 2006 & younger 17/12 – 19/12
U 14 2007 & younger 17/12 – 19/12
U 13 2008 & younger 14/12 – 16/12
U 12 2009 & younger 14/12 – 16/12
U 10 2011 & younger 07/12 – 09/12
U 9 2012 & younger 10/12 – 11/12

EASTER CUP 2020 & KORONAVIRUS - return and transfer of applications

The global coronavirus epidemic, which hit hard around the globe, made it impossible for Easter Cup 2020 to happen just before its scheduled launch. Although this situation has caused unpleasant complications, hockey will not stop! All registered teams already have 40% of their amounts refunded, but they will receive the entire amounts. The reason for the delay is simple, namely the timing of the epidemic, because so shortly before the tournament - most of the production, all food and accommodation were already paid. All teams also have the option to transfer the remainder of their amounts to the entry form Easter Cup 2020 for the next tournament and to have these amounts deducted from the new entries.

If you are interested in your participation, do not hesitate to answer this eMail with any questions, the application for the tournament is attached to this eMail, you can send the completed form to this address.

The price of the tournament includes a wide video service, team photos, and many other diversifications.

Every day we bring current video news from the tournament in at least two languages ​​and we make video clips of everything important that is happening in the tournament. Opening ceremonies, skill competitions, records of final matches, and closing ceremonies. From selected tournaments with a large turnout, we even broadcast matches live! Here you can watch reports, clips, and live broadcasts from previous tournaments. ... RQg/videos
You can also find many interesting things from previous tournaments on our Facebook.
Accomodation and food are provided by the organizer.

We are looking forward to meeting you, lets play hockey!

On behlaf of Avantgard Hockey,

Michal Pecháček
Asistent Manager & Chief of Production
+420 608 728 583


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