Invitation to Youth ICE Hockey Tournament CHRISTMAS CUP 2019

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Сообщение Michal » 02 окт 2019, 22:58

Watch official video invitation here

Dear Hockey Family,
In the name of Avantgard Hockey, I would like to invite you to the 21st international youth ice hockey tournament – Christmas Cup 2019. It is one of the biggest and best tournaments of its kind, teams from literally all around the world come here every year to play against European, Russian, Canadian and American teams, teams they cannot meet and play against regularly at home. It is a unique opportunity to compare skills in game and skill competitions with the world.
The tournament is open for these following categories and will take place on the ice stadiums in cities of Bílina and Most in Czechia.

U16, BORN 2004 and younger: 16.12 - 18.12.
U14, BORN 2006 and younger: 19.12 - 21.12.
U12, BORN 2008 and younger: 16.12 – 18.12.
U10, BORN 2010 and younger: 09.12 – 11.12.
U9, BORN 2011 and younger: 12.12 – 13.12.

If you and your teams are interested in taking part and play on Christmas Cup 2019 please do ask whatever questions you may have.
Don't forget to watch the video invitation in the head of this message where you can see how does it look at our tournaments.

Just about everything important and interesting that happens on our tournaments are also filmed and produced into actual video reports – from opening ceremonies through skill competitions, in-game moments to final matches and closing ceremonies – everything can be found here... ... RQg/videos

Another place to look at is our Facebook profile where we upload and update daily while the tournament is running.

We are looking forward to seeing you play hockey with us!

On behalf of Avantgard Hockey,

Michal Pecháček
Assistant Manager & Production
+420 608 728 583


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