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We are a personal development organization which consists of experts in different subjects around the world. We offer personal expertise with the admissions process and the environment of American universities, academies, prep schools, and summer camps. Through our Paratus Platform, we offer the chance to prepare for your tests, mindset, academics, and admissions paperwork, and more. We have a wide network of contacts in both admissions offices and coaching staff, as well as an abundance of successful students who we have helped get to America.

We created USA Sport and Study because we want to help driven young people follow the path of their dreams without compromise. You don’t need to choose between your sport or your education. You can do both. And get a scholarship to do it.

Our unique Paratus Platform™ offers academic prep, mindset courses, TOEFL, SAT/ACT prep, interaction with coaches, & more. The platform provides a comprehensive and interactive way to keep track of your progress and organize your academic, athletic, and administration work. You cooperate one-on-one with one of our specialists who personalize your experience based on your specific needs. We also offer bespoke English classes which will hone in on your strengths and weaknesses to prepare you above and beyond for the next steps of your life!

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